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just a photo of myself

just a photo of myself

londone-r asked: aww :( if it means anything your blog is 10x better than hers!!



Anonymous asked: Oh im sorry. I unfollowed her because she reposts so much. It isnt cool at all.

love it, anon.
yeah anon.
right anon.
aww.. hi anon.
nice one anon.

Seriously, I think she has more followers than me. It’s depressing.


watertowers asked: is elliegouldinglove2012 the one that puts captions under literally everything she posts/reblogs?

She never reblogs. She steals my (and other EG blog’s) posts.

But I know what you mean, I ‘adore’ her captions too.

“yeah Ellie”

“aww Ellie”

“yes Ellie”

“cute Ellie”

“love it Ellie”